Climbing Wall Systems

Rockworks provide an extensive range of design options including realistic, simulated rock surfaces and multi-angled plywood based systems. Every climbing wall project is unique and our highly experienced design team will develop proposals from initial schemas and 3D rendering to engineered, steel work drawings and calculations to the requirements of EN 12572.

Whatever the scale of the project our aim is to provide the most inventive and cost effective solutions for all our clients that reflect the best in contemporary climbing wall design and construction techniques. To discuss your requirements in detail tel. 01207 281777 or contact us by email.

PLYFORM functional design

A cost effective climbing wall construction system, suitable for all types of climbing structure. Slabs, overhangs, vertical and curved profiles can all be combined to create versatile and functional wall designs. The......more

MULTI FACETED complex shapes

CAD drawings and CNC precision cutting tools are used to create complex and dynamically shaped climbing walls. Designed and constructed using a combination of geometric shapes and angles the climbing wall panels are......more

REALFORM simulated rock

A unique, hand moulded climbing surface that simulates the curvature and complexity of natural rock. The system is hand sculpted using resinous concrete on a fibreglass base to provide great strength and durability and......more

SHELL CONCRETE sprayed and carved

Primarily used in the design and construction of exterior climbing structures, including free standing climbing boulders, the shell concrete system can recreate any rock type or style of climbing. The hand carved finish......more