Climbing Wall Accessories

Rockworks provide an extensive range of climbing wall accessories including essentials such as safety surfacing. Our products and services are sourced from leading suppliers and manufacturers within the climbing industry.

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Bolt on Climbing Holds

Rockworks has manufactured climbing holds and training boards since the late 1980’s and has continued to work in collaboration with leading UK climbers to design the very best quality products......more



Safety Surfacing

Although it is not a stipulated requirement within the European Standard – EN12572, it is generally agreed within the climbing wall industry that a safety surface should be provided below a climbing wall......more



Climbing Wall Equipment

Rockworks provide ancillary climbing wall equipment including wall ropes, ballast bags, harnesses, helmets, belay units, chalk bags and climbing shoes. Our sales team are climbers with experience in instruction and......more

Auto Descenders - TRUBLUE

Auto belay devices allow a climber to climb without another person holding the rope. The tape attaches to the climbers harness which retracts into the unit as the climber ascends. When the climber leaves contact with the......more